Testogen Review

Testogen Review

Testogen Review

Do you wish that you had the same energy you used to? Have you been struggling with low testosterone lately? Testogen might be a nutritional supplement that works for you.

This supplement naturally boosts testosterone. If you take four capsules per day, the supplement claims to reverse low testosterone symptoms.

Testosterone is necessary for men's physical and mental well-being. There are a variety of health benefits that come with testosterone. Aging leads to a natural decline in the body's testosterone levels. In addition, many men have low testosterone even if they aren't older yet.

Certain medical conditions can cause low testosterone. It's very common for men to experience some form of testosterone deficiency at least once during their lifetime. Testosterone deficiency can have an effect on exercise, confidence, and libido. It might also be tough to treat due to the stigma surrounding it.

Many men with low T never go to a doctor about their symptoms. It can be difficult to find long-term solutions, even with prescription drugs. Testosterone pills also tend to have side effects. There is also the cost of the medication to consider.

Supplements are often used because they don't require a prescription, and they're more cheap and effective for small testosterone imbalances.

About Testogen

Testogen helps men with naturally increasing their testosterone. The creator has indicated that the blend of natural ingredients can reduce symptoms of low T. The main target audience for the supplement is middle-aged men.

The question, of course, is whether the supplement actually works. How do the ingredients affect your body? How does Testogen compare to prescription treatments for low T?

We'll take a look at everything you need to know in this review.

Testogen Review

How the Product Is Used

This product is different from the prescription drugs and anabolic steroids on the market.

With anabolic steroids, you inject hormones directly into the body. But with these supplements, you use natural herbal ingredients to boost your T levels.

The product comes with a daily dose of four capsules. According to the creators, you can use this supplement to improve your muscle growth, fat loss, libido, energy, and overall performance. It is supposed to enhance your general wellness.

Will Pounder, a professional MMA fighter and ex-Marine, has endorsed the supplement. He says that the formula has made a significant difference to his day-to-day life.

There are a lot of testosterone supplements that claim they use natural ingredients to raise testosterone. Testogen sets itself apart from the crowd by using a triple action formula.

Testogen Review

How the Product Works

You can purchase the supplement in two different forms. The original formula uses capsules, while the newer option has a formula in liquid drops. These two formulas work together, so you can also buy packages that have doses of both options.

If you purchase the capsule version alone, you'll take four capsules on a daily basis.

Who the Product Is For

The target audience for this supplement is men of age 30 to 50 who have low testosterone levels. However, you might benefit from this supplement even if you aren't part of this age range.

Low testosterone might lead to a drop in energy, sex drive, and other performance. You might not be able to play the same sports you used to or succeed at the gym as well as usual.

Some men also use testosterone boosters to help increase their athletic capabilities and energy when competing. They might be college athletes or need additional strength for a manual labor job.

According to the product manufacturers, Testogen is made for men who experience symptoms like:

  • Feeling constantly worn down and tired no matter how much sleep you got.
  • Struggling to keep pace with work, family, or general life, when your energy feels like it is draining every day.
  • Becoming exhausted by workouts that didn't used to have an exhausting effect.
  • Having trouble building and keeping muscle, even though you're having protein and working out heavily.
  • Struggling with a decreased libido and poor performance in the bedroom.

Testosterone has an effect on your energy, mood, and libido. But the levels of your testosterone will decrease with age. Testosterone might begin dropping as early as age 30. Many men have less than half of their usual testosterone by the time they hit 50.

Testogen Review

What Testogen Does

The supplement blends a variety of minerals, vitamins, and herbal extracts to help with natural testosterone boosting. According to the creators, these ingredients can help testosterone levels no matter how old you are.

The packaging indicates that you will begin feeling results within the first two weeks of starting. After the first month, you should start seeing more significant benefits.

A few weeks of taking the supplement may help you to feel healthy, confident, focused, and strong. Your metabolism will burn fat while building muscle. You might also notice an increase in your overall bedroom performance.

Stimulating Production

Instead of giving your body synthetic testosterone, the supplement stimulates your natural testosterone production. It causes your pituitary gland to create more luteinizing hormone. This hormone is necessary for your testes to produce testosterone.

Raising the luteinizing hormone levels in the body leads to more testosterone production. Some of the ingredients that help with this are:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
  • Zinc
  • Antioxidants
Testogen Review

Up to 42 Percent Increase

Studies have shown that after 12 days of use, the supplement can increase testosterone levels by up to 42 percent. This is because of the D-aspartic acid, more commonly known as DAA.

DAA is one of the most important active ingredients in the supplement. It has been shown to boost testosterone in a variety of independent studies.

Free Testosterone Levels

Almost all of the testosterone that your body makes cannot be used. This is because it binds to certain molecules and proteins in the blood. "Free" testosterone refers to the amount of unbound testosterone in your body.

The supplement increases your free testosterone. It affects the molecules that testosterone binds itself to. By lowering these levels, the formula ensures that more testosterone is freely available for your body to use as need be.

Testogen Review

Up to 50 Percent Increase in 6 Months

After using the formula for six months, you may experience a testosterone increase of up to 50 percent. This is because of the fenugreek material in the capsule. Studies show that this material can increase testosterone by 46 percent over 12 weeks.

The zinc is another helpful component. This mineral has been shown to increase testosterone by about 49 percent after six months.

While not everyone will experience a testosterone boost by taking zinc, it can be extremely helpful for people with deficiencies. If you don't get enough zinc in your diet, your testosterone levels might become lower. When this is the case, your doctor is likely to recommend that you take a zinc supplement.

Slower Estrogen Conversion

Over time, the body naturally converts your hormones from testosterone to estrogen. This can lead to a further decrease in testosterone levels. The older you get, the more your body will convert your testosterone.

The product's formula helps to slow your body's estrogen conversion. This keeps your testosterone levels higher as you get older.

Testogen Review

Anytime Boosts

You'll see best results if you take four capsules per day, but the exact time that you take the capsules can vary. The creators recommend taking a capsule anytime you need to boost your energy for the day.

Some of the times that you might take Testogen include:

  • Getting ready for work in the morning.
  • Partway through a long shift.
  • Late in the evening when you need to stay awake.
  • Before an intense workout at the gym.
  • Before playing competitive team sports.

At any time when you need to increase your performance quickly, the capsules are available to you.


Now let's take a look at the ingredients and how exactly they affect the body.

Testogen uses completely safe and natural ingredients. There are no synthetics, chemicals, GMOs, caffeine, dairy products, gluten, or soy products. Steroids cause an artificial increase in testosterone, but this formula helps you naturally increase your testosterone instead.


The main ingredient in the formula is DAA. This amino acid helps your body to create more luteinizing hormone. According to third party studies, DAA causes testosterone increases of anywhere from 15 to 42 percent after two weeks of daily use.

Fenugreek Extract

Also part of the formula is fenugreek extract. Fenugreek has been used to increase fertility and virility in men for hundreds of years. It is among the most popular ingredients in testosterone supplements.

Studies indicate that fenugreek does support your sex drive and testosterone levels in small ways. Testogen's formula uses a smaller amount of this ingredient than many industry competitors.


Zinc is the next most important ingredient. While increasing your zinc intake won't make a difference to your testosterone levels if you aren't deficient, many men become deficient in zinc without realizing it. If you do have a zinc deficiency, it can lead to low T. This supplement helps to correct it.

There is about 100 percent of the daily zinc requirement in a serving of Testogen.

Vitamin D3

The next ingredient is vitamin D3, which is another essential vitamin that is part of testosterone production. It's common for men to be deficient in vitamin D3, especially living in northern climates during the winter. Studies have shown that men with low vitamin D3 levels tend to have low testosterone.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract

The formula has an extract from the Korean red ginseng plant. This is a libido booster that has been used in Korea for centuries. Scientific studies have indicated that this plant can help to treat erectile dysfunction symptoms.


Also part of the formula is the mineral boron. Boron has an effect on your overall testosterone levels. Some studies indicate that increasing your boron intake can cause a 28 percent testosterone increase within a week.

In addition, boron reduces the amount of SHBG and estradiol in your blood. These components are often bound to testosterone, making it impossible for your body to use. When the levels of these substances lower, there is more testosterone available for your use.

Nettle Leaf Extract

The formula makes use of nettle leaf extract as well. This ingredient has been used to help with testosterone levels for hundreds of years. In clinical studies, using this ingredient caused the amount of testosterone that bound to SHBG to decrease by 67 percent.

The roots of the stinging nettle are filled with ligans. These natural ingredients prevent the binding of SHBG to testosterone. All of this leads to an increase in free testosterone circulation throughout the body.


There is also about half of the daily recommended dose of magnesium in the formula. This mineral is vital to male wellness. If you are deficient in magnesium, you might have lower testosterone production. A magnesium supplement helps increase your ability to create testosterone.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is included to help with energy levels and testosterone production. There is also a dose of vitamin K1, which helps you absorb vitamin D. This ensures that you are able to get the benefits of the vitamin D3 in the supplement, rather than having it pass through you.


The last active ingredient is an extract of black pepper. This helps to increase your overall bioavailability. By taking this supplement, you are able to absorb more of the ingredients in each capsule, thereby reaping all of the benefits.

The inactive ingredients in the formula are natural substances that are used to create the capsules themselves.

Testogen Review

Booster Drops

As mentioned, Testogen comes in two different forms. The original supplement comes in capsule form. But the company's newest launch is an instant testosterone booster that uses drops rather than capsules.

The company claims that these drops work faster than the capsules, giving you an instant boost in energy and power. These are the main benefits:

  • Energy boost while you're on the go.
  • An increase in overall concentration and focus.
  • An increase in power and strength.
  • Further effectiveness of the capsules.

The manufacturer recommends that people take both the drops and the capsules together. The capsules will help you increase your testosterone levels over time, while the drops provide a real-time boost whenever you most need it.

When you take the liquid drops, they are absorbed into the bloodstream. Since your body doesn't have to break apart the capsules, the drops are rapidly absorbed. It's recommended that you take anywhere from one to three drops each day as necessary.

The formula for the instant drops is different from the original formula. It includes more ingredients that help with immediate energy increases.

Testogen Review

Scientific Backing

Testogen has been sold to more than 700,000 men all over the globe. It is one of the most successful testosterone supplements in the industry. The ingredients can lead to a testosterone boost of 20 to 80 percent.

There have not been clinical trials regarding the effectiveness of this specific product. However, there have been trials regarding the effectiveness of multiple active ingredients.

The product uses DAA as the main active component. This amino acid boosts testosterone and is a critical part of almost every over-the-counter testosterone supplement.

Some studies have shown a lack of results when it comes to DAA and the body. Certain clinical trials indicated that a high DAA dose did not have any effect on testosterone beyond the placebo effect. But there have been supportive studies as well.

Scientific studies do indicate that sedentary men are more likely to experience an increase in testosterone levels with DAA. This means that if you don't have an established workout regimen already, you'll likely see more benefit by using Testogen.

Several Asian cultures have used ginseng to increase libido for hundreds of years. This ingredient is sometimes used to treat erectile dysfunction. The amount used for erectile dysfunction tends to be larger than the amount present in a serving of Testogen.

Clinical studies have indicated that red ginseng can treat ED. When people were given large dosages, there was significant improvement in people's erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Zinc has also been clinically linked to testosterone. Men with low zinc levels tend to produce less testosterone. However, if you don't have low zinc in your diet, you're unlikely to see effects due to this ingredient.

The major ingredient in this product is DAA. Most of the other ingredients are supplemental, since they aren't present in high enough doses to make a huge difference. If you believe that DAA can help make a difference to your testosterone levels, then this is the product for you.

Product Pricing

Product Pricing

A one-month supply of the capsules costs about 60 dollars. That includes 120 capsules. You'll take four a day for 30 days. If you purchase three to five months of the product in advance, you can get discounts based on quantity.

Three bottles cost about 120 dollars, so you're essentially getting a bottle for free. Five bottles cost about 180 dollars, so you're essentially getting two bottles for free.

You will need to pay for shipping if you purchase only one item. However, if you purchase at least two items, the company will cover shipping to anywhere in the globe.

Combination Packages

The capsules work best when they're used alongside the drops. These drops are used as-needed to increase your energy and performance levels.

To get a bottle of capsules and a bottle of drops, you'll pay about 90 dollars.

For three bottles of both, you'll pay about 190 dollars.

For five bottles of both, you'll pay about 285 dollars.


Each purchase comes with certain bonuses.

You'll get two workout guides that show you how to build muscles. One of the books focuses on general muscle, while the other focuses on weight training. Following the lessons helps you maximize your testosterone benefits.

Another bonus is a men's cookbook. You'll get 40 recipes that use ingredients to increase energy and testosterone.

A final bonus is the weekly video content. You'll receive weekly video messages and inspirational updates.

Final Thoughts

Testogen is one of the most successful testosterone supplements on the market for a reason. It uses many natural ingredients that help to increase your testosterone production through a variety of methods.

The main active ingredient is DAA. If you believe that this ingredient will help boost your overall testosterone, this product is definitely worth getting invested in.

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