Illumiflow Review

Illumiflow Review

Illumiflow Review

Illumiflow is a company that creates laser caps to help restore hair after hair loss. They're industry leaders in the laser cap field, aiming to provide cutting edge technology to people at an affordable price.

The company ships to anywhere in the United States free of charge. All products also come with a six-month satisfaction guarantee. If you don't see results that make you happy in that time period, you can send the cap back without issue.

There is also a five year warranty on all products. If your cap breaks down, you can get it repaired or replaced free of charge.

These policies help to instill confidence in the company. There's very little risk to your purchase. But is it worth it? How do these products work, and which is right for you?

We've taken a closer look at the company's offerings, reputation, and goals. Everything you need to know is in this review.

What the Company Offers

The company makes caps that have been clinically proven to show results. It took seven years of ongoing research to find the formula that works. The products have been approved by the FDA to treat hair loss because they are shown to be safe and effective.

In the past, laser therapy for hair loss was only available to the very wealthy. But this portable solution allows anyone to access this lifechanging therapeutic process, regardless of income bracket.

The 272 Cap

illumiflow 272

Illumiflow's 272 cap is their most popular and effective option. It is built with 272 lasers and provides 1360 megawatts of energy. In addition, this laser cap covers the entire skull, so it's good for people with hair loss in multiple areas.

The goal of this cap is to stop hair loss from progressing any further. Then it stimulates your hair to grow naturally the way it used to.

The 148 Cap

illumiflow 148

This is the budget option that's best for people who want a hair growth solution that doesn't break the bank. Like the 272, it prevents further hair loss while allowing your hair to grow naturally.

The 148 model works best for people whose hair loss is in the early stages. It doesn't provide full head coverage, but it can target specific areas of hair loss.

The cap is built with 148 lasers that emit 740 total megawatts of energy. Though this isn't the same level as the previous option, it is an FDA-approved intensity for treating moderate hair loss.

Illumiflow Review

Which Is Right for You?

These are the two main offerings from Illumiflow. Thankfully, you don't have to scour pages and pages of products to narrow down your choices. You simply need to decide which of these caps works best for your needs.

These are the important similarities between the two caps:

  • They have been FDA approved to treat hair loss.
  • They have been proven effective in multiple independent clinical studies.
  • The light is emitted with laser diodes rather than LEDs.
  • The device only needs 30 minutes of use three times a week.
  • There is a six-month satisfaction guarantee and robust five year warranty.

The company recommends investing in the 272 if you can afford it. This amount of laser energy has shown unparalleled results in restoring hair growth. It's especially important if you are dealing with severe hair loss.

However, not everyone can afford the 272. If you're dealing with mild to moderate hair loss, the 148 is a good choice. It outperforms similar "budget" hair loss solutions on the market, and it has been FDA approved due to its effectiveness.

The 272 Cap Reviewed

Now that you have an overview of the products, let's take a closer look at the 272 laser cap. We'll examine the features, construction, and benefits of this model.

Laser caps have become an incredibly popular treatment for hair loss over the past decade or so. They have a noninvasive way of stimulating your hair follicles so that they begin growing naturally again. This is a non-surgical solution that is much more effective than liquid hair growth options.

Illumiflow Review

If you want to know whether your laser cap is effective, you should find out whether it has been cleared by the FDA.

The FDA clears laser caps to treat hair loss when they have been proven effective. This also means that they have been proven safe to use because they have safe emissions. If a product has the FDA stamp of approval, you know that it's been through rigorous independent testing.

The 272 cap was one of the first laser caps to ever be approved by the FDA. It has been available on the market since 2017. Many competing laser options are significantly more expensive without being more effective. The price point is what makes the 272 cap stand out above the crowd.

How the Cap Works

The cap uses laser therapy to stimulate the hair follicles. Hair loss generally occurs because your follicles stop growing hair. This prevents more follicles from ceasing to grow, and it encourages your stopped follicles to begin natural hair growth again.

There is also a second way that the cap helps with hair loss. The lasers keep your body from over-converting a substance called DHT. Excess levels of DHT are often what causes hair loss in the first place. By lowering your DHT levels, the cap helps to prevent further hair loss at the source.

Illumiflow Review


There are a variety of features that make the cap convenient, safe, and easy to use. Some of these include:

  • 272 total lasers cover your entire scalp to treat every area of hair loss.
  • The laser therapy techniques have been clinically shown to work.
  • The cooling system prevents the cap from overheating during use.
  • The design is hands-free, so you can read or use your phone as it works.
  • The baseball cap design is discreet, so you can use it outside and inside.
  • The rechargeable battery automatically turns off at the end of a 30 minute session.
  • You only need to use it for 30 minutes three times weekly.
  • It's available without a prescription.

This is one of the most cost-effective solutions to hair loss. Though it is a little pricey, it brings celebrity-level treatment to your home for quick and easy access.

Illumiflow Review

Inside the Box

Inside the box, you'll find the following:

  • A case for the battery.
  • A recharging battery.
  • An AC adapter charger.
  • A discreet baseball cap.
  • Laser cap and extension cord.

There are protective measures when the cap is in use. For example, it shuts off automatically after a half hour, and it doesn't overheat thanks to the cooling technology.

Potential Downsides

The main potential downside is that you're unlikely to see results right away. Depending on how severe your hair loss is, it might take a full year of treatment before you're seeing complete regrowth on your scalp.

Basically, you have to be patient. It's important to build up a habit of using the product every other day. You need to trust that it will work over time.

Sure, that's not as satisfying as waving a magic wand. But it is the best way to regrow your hair naturally. Solutions that claim to work faster are either scams, or they're insanely expensive.

Illumiflow Review

Customer Feedback

Consumers have given the product great feedback overall. The design is effective, simple, and safe. Several people have noted that they saw a significant improvement in their hair growth after only a few weeks. Others noted that the cap stopped their hair loss almost immediately.

There are tons of before and after pictures showing the results people have had. Every positive review has a unique story of success.

One person did note that their model stopped working after they'd used it for a year. But since there's a five year warranty, you can get a replacement if this happens to you. Because of that, we aren't too worried about it.

Everywhere you look, you can find stories from people thrilled with their results. People have also noted that the baseball cap does make it easy to discreetly use outside.

Illumiflow Review

History of the Company

One of the most major modern breakthroughs in hair growth solutions was the discovery of laser therapy. Clinics offered laser-based treatments to help clients fight hair loss, a type of therapy called LLLT.

The problem with this setup was that most people didn't have the time to go to a clinic several times a week. They also didn't have the budget to pay the exorbitant fees for every appointment.

Some companies began offering laser combs for use at home. These were devices that could be purchased over-the-counter. But they weren't very user-friendly, and they didn't have the same effectiveness as clinical treatment.

Illumiflow's goal was to bring the entirety of clinical LLLT to people's homes. They wanted to make a device that was just as effective while also being affordable. After seven years of research, they managed to put all of that laser technology into a portable cap.

2017 was the year when the company's products were given the FDA clearance for OTC use. They had been proven effective and safe in clinical trials. Once the FDA clearance was granted, the product became available for people to use at home at barely any of the cost of a clinic.

Illumiflow Review

How the Product Works

Laser therapy has been proven effective in multiple clinical studies. The lights are calibrated to penetrate the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles. Essentially, the wavelengths cause dormant follicles to wake up and start growing hair again.

In the first three months, the treatment will reverse the hair loss process. This prevents your hair loss from progressing further and energizes your follicles.

The next phase of treatment is from the four to six month mark. During this time, you can expect to see new growth beginning. For most people, you'll be seeing healthy hair growth by around the nine month mark. Some people might need longer if they have more severe forms of hair loss.

Illumiflow Review

Why You Should Get an FDA Approved Cap

There are some extremely cheap laser caps on the market. These claim to do exactly what Illumiflow does. But the reason for their low pricing is because they have not been FDA approved.

The FDA approval is vital if you want to pick a product that will actually work. There are also other advantages to using an FDA-cleared product.

No Doctor Visits

The FDA has approved the cap as a treatment for hair loss. That means that you no longer need to have expensive appointments at hair loss clinics. You get full access to LLLT technology without needing to leave the house.

Strict Regulations

To be FDA-approved, a product has to go through significant testing and clearance levels. It needs to be proven effective and safe to use.

Laser caps that have not been FDA-approved might not use safe levels of laser therapy. In addition, they might not penetrate the scalp deeply enough to work at all.

Full Coverage Is Relative

You might see "full coverage" caps for extremely low prices. But these are typically outfitted with lasers that aren't calibrated to the right wavelengths.

With Illumiflow's products, each diode is specifically shaped and placed to enhance the therapeutic potential. Every laser is calibrated to provide full penetrating power so you get the best results.

What It Takes to Earn FDA Approval

Both laser caps from this company are classified as Grade II medical implements. If there are any flaws in the equipment, it could be dangerous to the consumers.

Because of this, the FDA has put the device through many rigorous tests. All of the devices have been inspected multiple times. The administration took pains to verify every claim made by the company to make sure that they weren't making false medical claims.

The FDA has also done an in-person audit of the company's manufacturing process. They passed all procedures.

Final Thoughts

Illumiflow is a company that's bringing cutting-edge LLLT therapy to your home.

If you can afford the 272 cap, it's a great investment for reversing moderate to severe hair loss.

For those on a budget, the 148 cap also provides great results when dealing with mild to moderate hair loss.

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