Goldcore Review

Goldcore Review

Goldcore Review

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Would you like to diversify your investment portfolio? While there are some other options out there, investing in gold, silver, or other precious metals is often seen as the best option for individuals looking to protect themselves against stock market volatility and inflation. GoldCore is one online precious metals dealer that could help you achieve this goal.

But, is GoldCore the right company for you to work with? Do they offer the coins and bars you'd like to purchase? How is the support you'll receive from the company? You'll find the answers to these questions and more in this comprehensive review of GoldCore.

  • Product: Precious metals
  • Owner: Mark O'Byrne (founded); Stephen Flood (CEO)
  • Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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About GoldCore

Goldcore Review

Mark O'Bryne founded GoldCore in 2003. The company's headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland, though they also have a London office as well. While they are based in Ireland, GoldCore serves clients all across the globe.

Some of the company's values include working with each client to help them make the right investment decisions and sharing information about the benefits of investing in precious metals and diversify and investment portfolio with each customer. GoldCore is a trusted company and has even been featured by CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg, the Associated Press, Dow Jones, the Wall Street Journal, and CNBC.

Precious Metals

GoldCore offers a variety of gold and silver coins and bars. A few of the different selections available include:

Gold Coins

  • Gold American Buffalo Coins
  • Gold American Eagle Coins
  • Gold British Britannia Coins
  • Gold British Sovereign Coins
  • Gold Australian Kangaroo Coins
  • Gold South African Krugerrand Coins
  • Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

Gold Bars

  • 1-kilogram Gold Bullion Bars
  • 10-ounce Gold Bullion Bars
  • 1-ounce Gold Bullion Bars

Silver Coins

  • Silver American Eagle Coins
  • Silver British Britannia Coins
  • Silver Australian Kangaroo Coins
  • Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coins

Silver Bars

  • 1,000-ounce Silver Bars
  • 100-ounce Silver Bars

GoldSaver Account

Goldcore Review

One of the things that GoldCore offers that you won't find with too many other companies is a GoldSaver Account. A GoldSaver account allows you to invest a set amount of money each month ($100 minimum) to slowly grow your wealth in gold. It is a good option for those who may not have enough saved up to purchase an entire gold coin or bar right away, but want to work their way up to owning an entire bar or coin.

IRA Services

GoldCore can also help you open up a Precious Metals IRA. If you're not familiar with Precious Metals IRA, they allow you to add gold, silver, and other precious metals to your retirement account. If you're interested in securing your financial future by opening a new Precious Metals IRA or rolling over an existing retirement account, contact a member of the GoldCore team. They can help you get started and choose from the various IRA-approved coins and bars available.

Secure Storage Solutions

With GoldCore, you can choose to have the precious metals you purchase for a personal investment sent to you, or you can choose to have them stored with GoldCore Secure Storage. GoldCore's Secure Storage offers competitive pricing, top-notch security, regular audits and verification, and other measures to keep you confident that your precious metals are secure.

If you choose to use GoldCore's Secure Storage, you'll always maintain full ownership of your metals. You'll also be able to inspect the vault and view your holdings or decide to take ownership of your metals whenever you'd like.

Are There Any Red Flags for GoldCore?

Goldcore Review

As you'll see below, we could not find any reviews from past customers for GoldCore when we checked with the Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, TrustLink, Trustpilot, or Google. Quality Silver Bullion is also not a BBB accredited business, though they do have an A+ rating from the BBB (which isn't determined using customer input).

We wouldn't necessarily consider a lack of reviews to be a red flag for a company. However, at the same time, it certainly isn't a ringing endorsement either. When you don't have reviews to reference, it can make it difficult to get a feel for how you'll be treated and the quality of the products you'll receive should you choose to work with GoldCore.

There are dozens of other precious metals dealers out there, as you likely already know. Many of these companies have hundreds, or even thousands, of exceptional reviews from past customers. Seeing a company like GoldCore, that has been in business for nearly two decades, with hardly any customer reviews does leave one with some questions about why there are so few reviews.

  • Better Business Bureau: A+ rating; BBB accredited business
  • Business Consumer Alliance: Not rated
  • TrustLink: Not rated
  • Trustpilot: Not rated
  • Google: Not rated

Is GoldCore a Scam?

Goldcore Review

The question on everyone's lips before making a huge purchase of precious metals is whether the company is a scam. Fortunately, we found nothing that leads us to believe that GoldCore is anything other than a legitimate company. The company was founded by Mark O'Byrne in 2003, so they have been in business for nearly two decades. GoldCore also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is a BBB accredited business. Both of these would be very unlikely if they were just a scam.

However, just knowing that GoldCore is a legitimate company isn't enough. There are tons of legitimate precious metals investment companies, and you need to decide which is right for you. So, is GoldCore right for you? This is up to you, but we can help you make the right decision for yourself.

If we were investing our own money and purchasing precious metals, GoldCore probably wouldn't be our first choice. The lack of customer reviews gives us some pause and makes us wonder why this company has so few reviews compared with others that have been in business for about the same amount of time.

We also wish that GoldCore offered investors the opportunity to purchase platinum and palladium, rather than just gold and silver. Gold and silver make an amazing investment, but adding some platinum and palladium to your portfolio can lead to even greater diversification.

If you are interested in setting up a Precious Metals IRA, you may also find that GoldCore isn't the best fit for you compared with the other options out there. They are not an IRA custodian, but state on your website that you'll need to work with their recommended custodian company. Some precious metals dealers are also IRA custodian companies, while others at least let you choose your preferred custodian. This isn't the case with GoldCore, and, based on what the website says, you'll only be able to work with their recommended custodian company.


  • GoldCore was founded in 2003.
  • They offer gold and silver coin and bars.
  • You can take advantage of GoldCore's secure storage opportunities to protect your investment.
  • GoldCore offers bars and coins from recognized mints from across the globe.
  • You can sell precious metals to GoldCore when you're ready to cash in on an investment.
  • GoldCore can help you set up a Precious Metals IRA.
  • You can invest a set amount of money towards purchasing gold each month by signing up for a GoldSaver account.

Pros & Cons of Goldcore


  • A member of the GoldCore team can work with you to open up a Precious Metals IRA.
  • If you don't currently have a lot of money to invest, you can sign up for a GoldSaver account and contribute a small amount each month towards the purchase of gold.
  • GoldCore offers competitively-priced, secure storage options for your precious metals.


  • There are not many online reviews for GoldCore.
  • You can only invest in gold and silver; they don't offer any platinum or palladium coins or bars.
  • GoldCore says individuals must work with their preferred IRA custodian company to set up a Precious Metals IRA.

Final Verdict

We hope you have found out the information you came here to learn about GoldCore. Do you think they are the right company for you? While GoldCore does seem like a decent company to work with, they didn't make our list of the top precious metals investment companies. If you want a truly exceptional experience, we'd recommend shopping around a bit and taking a closer look at some of our favorite precious metals investment companies!

Although we think Goldcore is a pretty solid company, they did not make our top 5 list. We believe that the companies on this list provide better options.

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Or if you want to continue with Goldcore, click the link below!

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