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Have you been searching for the right company to help you invest in precious metals or even set up a Gold IRA? Did your search lead you to discover With all the different precious metals investment companies out there, it is only natural to want to learn more about a company before deciding if they're the right fit for your needs.

So, what is What products and services do they offer? How is their customer service? Keep reading; we're going to answer all of these questions and more in this review!

  • Product: Precious metals
  • Owner: Fabrice Drouin Ristori
  • Overall Rating: 3.4/5

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About Review

Fabrice Drouin Ristori started GoldBroker in 2011. He decided to start the company to help others take advantage of investing in gold, with Ristori saw as a very safe investment. Before founding GoldBroker, Ristori learned about the importance of not only investing in gold, but storing it in a secure location outside of the country of your residence to protect your investment. Sharing this knowledge and the resources to make this possible with his clients was another of Ristori's goals when founding the company.

Currently, GoldBroker's company's headquarters are located in London. The company employs 15 individuals who are experienced and qualified to help individuals make the right investment decisions for their portfolios.

GoldBroker offers free shipping to the US for all gold and silver orders. They also ship internationally to France. All orders are securely packaged and fully insured during shipment. To further protect your investment and make sure the gold or silver end up in your hands, you'll also need to sign for delivery to accept the package. If you order over $250,000 in precious metals, your order will be delivered via an armored car service.


If you choose to work with GoldBroker, you can invest in gold or silver coins and bars. Below are some of the different products you can choose from:


  • 1 oz Gold American Eagle Coin (roll of 10)
  • 1 oz Gold American Buffalo Coin (roll of 10)
  • 1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin (roll of 10)
  • 1 oz Gold British Britannia Coin (roll of 10)
  • 1 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin (roll of 10)
  • 1 oz Gold Australian Kangaroo Coin (roll of 10)
  • 1 oz Gold Valcambi Bar
  • 1 oz Gold Credit Suisse Bar
  • 100 gram Gold Credit Suisse Bar
  • 100 gram Gold Valcambi Bar
  • 250 gram Gold Valcambi Bar
  • 500 gram Gold Valcambi Bar
  • 1 kilogram Gold Valcambi Bar


  • 1 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin (monster box of 500)
  • 1 oz Silver Australian Kangaroo Coin (monster box of 250)
  • 1 oz Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coin (monster box of 500)
  • 1 oz Silver British Britannia Coin (monster box of 500)
  • 1 kilogram Asahi Refining Silver Bar
  • 1 kilogram Valcambi Silver Bar
  • 100 ounce Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar
  • 1000 ounce Silver Bar

Storage Review

As we mentioned above, GoldBroker's found Ristori believes that finding a secure location to store your precious metals is key. While you can always choose to have your precious metals delivered directly to you, storing them in a secure facility can help protect them from theft or damage.

GoldBroker has partnered with Malca-Amit, a highly-reputable storage provider. Malca-Amit offers vaults storage options in various locations across the globe. These locations include: Zurich, Switzerland, Singapore Freeport, Singapore, New York, USA, and Toronto, Canada.

If you choose to store your precious metals through GoldBroker, you can feel confident that they are safe. You'll be able to schedule an appointment any time you wish to inspect your metals. Malca-Amit also follows strict security protocols and fully insures your investments.

Buyback Program

If you choose to store your precious metals through GoldBroker's storage partner, Malca-Amit, GoldBroker will also guarantee the liquidity of your investment. Any time you decide you wish to sell your bullion, simply give the order to sell all (or some) of your items. After your sell order is confirmed, the coins and bars will be liquidated and GoldBroker will initiate a wire transfer.

Are There Any Red Flags for Review

We believe that you can learn a lot about a company and how it does business by checking with what past customers have to say. If you don't personally know anyone who has worked with, then your next best bet is to check with online reviews for the company.

As we were putting this review together, we checked with the Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, TrustLink, Trustpilot, and Google to see what past customers wrote about their experiences working with GoldBroker.

As you can see from the information listed below, the only website where we were able to find any reviews was Trustpilot. does not currently have any customer reviews on the websites of the Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, TrustLink, or Google. They are also not a BBB accredited business.

On a positive note, the reviews available on Trustpilot were mostly positive, with a 4.8 out of 5-star average for the 36 reviews.

If you choose to work with a company that has few reviews, you're simply taking a bit of a gamble. You may end up perfectly happy with your decision, since minimal reviews doesn't necessary indicate that there is any problem. However, it is a gamble, since you don't have the experiences of others to help you get a feel for what you can expect.

  • Better Business Bureau: Not rated; not a BBB accredited business
  • Business Consumer Alliance: Not rated
  • TrustLink: Not rated
  • Trustpilot: 4.8/5 (with 36 reviews)
  • Google: Not rated

Is a Scam? Review

Is a scam? No, we believe that is a legitimate company. It has been in business for about a decade, and it seems unlikely that a company that was not legitimate would be able to survive this long. Additionally,'s founder, Fabrice Drouin Ristori, is also a trusted name in the industry. He previously owned two other companies related to online gamine and also started a private investment company before founding

We've told you some of the important details about It is your choice whether you decide to give them your business; we can't tell you what to do. However, we can give you some recommendations based on what we would do if it were our money being invested.

Honestly, choosing over some of the other precious metals investment companies out there probably wouldn't be our first choice. First, there just aren't that many reviews out there about the company. We were only able to find reviews on Trustpilot, and even there we only pulled up 36 reviews. When you compare this to the hundred or thousands of reviews that some other companies have, it really seems like a very small number.

We also noticed that GoldBroker's website, at least at the time this review was written, had a smaller selection of precious metals compared to what is offered by other companies. There were only 22 total products (coins and bars) available to choose from.

GoldBroker's website also doesn't mention any IRA services. While they do sell some IRS-approved gold and silver coins, you'll need to find a separate IRA custodian company to work with if you're interested in setting up a precious metals IRA or rolling over an existing retirement account.


  • GoldBroker offers gold and silver coins and bars for investors.
  • You can have your precious metals shipped directly to you, or choose from one of the secure storage options offered by the company.
  • All precious metals orders ship for free within the United States.
  • Packages are insured for shipping to protect the value of your investment.
  • If you store your investments with GoldBroker's storage partner, they guarantee they will buyback your bullion if you want to sell it.
  • You can learn more about precious metals and investing by visiting the "Charts" or "Publications" section on GoldBroker's website.

Pros & Cons of


  • All gold and silver orders ship for free within the United States.
  • Coins and bars will be insured during shipping to protect your investment.
  • GoldBroker offers different secure storage options for their clients to choose from.


  • There are not many online reviews available for compared to many other precious metals investment companies.
  • Their selection of precious metals is not very extensive.
  • There is no information about IRA services listed on the website.

Final Verdict

Now you should know all the necessary information about to decide if this company is the right fit for you and your investment needs. As we shared above, there are a number of positive aspects to this company, such as the free shipping with insurance for all orders, secure storage options, and the company's buyback program.

However, we also have some reservations about fully recommending them due to the minimal number of customer reviews and the smaller selection of precious metals available for investors. The choice is yours, though! Will you be choosing to work with

Although we think is a pretty solid company, they did not make our top 5 list. We believe that the companies on this list provide better options.

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