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Smile Direct Club Vs Byte

Modern technology has given us a solution to straighten our teeth in our homes rather than scheduling appointments with a dentist or orthodontist. Invisible teeth aligners are fast becoming very popular. They are a more convenient system for going through a metal brace procedure. Aligners are also cost-effective, private, removable, and their results are positive. Clear […]

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Dental Red Light Therapy

Table of Contents What is Red Light Therapy and How Does It Work?Dental Red Light TherapyDiminishing Tooth SensitivityOrthodonticsReparations for Teeth, Gums, and BonesAbout the RLT Treatment Process Light energy is one of the most important sources of life on the planet. Without light energy, the planet would be uninhabitable by mankind. As you would imagine, […]

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Does Soda Stain Teeth?

Table of Contents How Soda Causes Stains And Teeth DamageDehydrationHow To Prevent Teeth StainSodas That Mostly Strain The TeethIs Diet Soda Bad?How To Remove The Soda Stains Drinking soft drinks with high sugar is linked with weight gain, diabetes, and obesity. However, soda has adverse effects on your teeth, leading to stains, tooth decay, and […]

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